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We partner with digital health companies, health care providers and health and wellness brands to create engaging content that helps build better customer relationships.

In the digital age, content is key to building lasting relationships with your patients. But producing medically reviewed Digital Health Content can be challenging, especially with limited time and resources.

And while it may seem as though there is an endless supply of Health Information online, it’s not always personalized, accurate or easy to understand.

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What makes our content different?

  1. Written and medically reviewed by healthcare professionals
  2. Focused on health literacy to make it understandable
  3. Relevant and localized for diverse audiences around the world
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You know you’re a trusted source of information and healthcare support, but do your patients and customers?

You care about your patients, but kind thoughts alone won’t keep them coming back. 

Engaging Health & Wellness Content, will. 

When you provide high-quality health content, your product or service is deemed more trustworthy and useful. This drives user engagement and increases the likelihood of someone using your product.

We’ve worked hard building up hundreds of medically reviewed health articles and are more than happy to share!

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  1. License Existing Content
  2. Create Exclusive Content
  3. Health Content Strategy

Education is at the core of everything we do. We create health information that is understandable, evidence-based, and medically-reviewed.

Content We Offer


Good reads on health prevention.


In-depth conversations that share different opinions and perspectives.


Break down complex topics and make them more digestible.


Engaging content that informs and entertains.


With health care professionals – answers from experts on popular health questions.

Personal Stories

Connect readers and build valuable communities.


Interactive content that challenges and engages.

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People are Saying

The Health Aisle has been a pleasure to work with. They have always been able to cater to our users’ health awareness needs across Southeast Asia, and the content provided is always medically-verified and simple enough for the average Pulse user to understand, which is key for any health literacy initiative!

Sabiha Ladak

Regional Senior Program Manager, Ecosystems Implementation
Prudential Services Asia Sdn Bhd