— About Us

Are Your Digital Experiences

Engaging Patients?

Health care provider brands need to deliver better digital experiences to patients in order to remain relevant, build trust, and scale services.

The Health Aisle Media helps health care brands build trust by delivering high-quality, medically reviewed content. We offer curated content relevant to readers and their backgrounds and localized to their geographic location.

– Mission –

To improve quality of life through health education.

Our Values


We believe high-quality and understandable health information should be available to everyone. We make it our job to break down complex information and present it in a digestible format.


The body, mind and soul are important when it comes to self-care and wellness. The best health outcomes often require a team of health care professionals and holistic healing experts who work together.


Information is provided from and verified by trusted health care professionals who look at a variety of evidence and references, from clinical trials and meta-analysis to trusted research groups.


We aim to write health information in a way that is readable and fun, and love to partner with artists to convey messages that are sometimes difficult to capture with words.


We provide content for a diverse audience and make sure the content is meaningful and relatable.

Our Founder

Where It All Began

Aliya Kassamali, PharmD, Masters of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology

I believe that providing real and accessible health information to anyone, anywhere truly improves health outcomes and quality of life. As misinformation is becoming a bigger problem, there is a greater need today, more than ever, to provide evidence-based health information and create knowledgeable communities to support this. And that’s why I set out to create The Health Aisle Media – a trusted source for health, self-care and wellness information.